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Published on October 28th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles


Where Did My Woody Go?

Introducing a 40 day transformational journey of holistic healing for men.

This online class for gay and bisexual men starts November 1, 2014.

Each day you’ll receive a lesson. In addition to written lessons for learning, there will also be exercises and activities to explore, ranging from worksheets and journaling questions to masturbation techniques and various other activities. There will also be opportunities for question & answers and optional forum discussion with other students.

Here’s what you’ll learn and get

  • Create an action plan that fits your situation for assessing, addressing and resolving erection problems (and begin implementing during the program)
  • Have more sensual and satisfying sexual experiences
  • Put yourself on a path toward experiencing full body orgasm simply from sensual touch
  • Discover how to enjoy sex and real intimacy with a hard or soft cock
  • Learn how to use medication (if you choose to) for the maximum benefit

“Mark, You are a wealth of information and I really appreciate it. Thanks again for helping me in my safe, erotic journey. ”
– Bill, Software Engineer

Who should participate?  Gay and bisexual men who

  • Want to be happier with their erections
  • Want to have more pleasurable sexual experiences (both with and without erections)
  • Are motivated to take action, learn, and grow

Who should not participate? 

  • Men who are not willing to put some effort into the activities and exercises
  • Men who expect instant results
  • Men who refuse to engage with self-discovery and personal growth which is one important aspect of the program.

Program Content

Below is the list of planned topics.  The list and lessons will be fine tuned and modified slightly based on the specific needs of participants who sign up.

Module 1 – Understanding Erectile Dysfunction (ED) it’s causes and resolutions

  • Why are erection problems so difficult and troubling?
  • Setting Your Intention for the program
  • What is Erectile Dysfunction?
  • Causes of Erection problems in men
  • Unique issues affecting erection problems in gay and bisexual men
  • Top 10 psychological issues in ED
  • Resolutions of ED

Module 2 – Dynamics of erection problems:  Mental, social, emotional, spiritual and neurological

  • The erotic paradox
  • The sex & spirit split
  • Assessing and healing your erotic imprints
  • Masculinity and erections
  • Men and emotions
  • Cock culture
  • Mental barriers to erections and sexual pleasure-
  • Performance anxiety
  • The impact of porn
  • The impact of secrecy
  • The impact of playfulness and curiosity
  • Stress
  • Depression

Module 3 – Creating a holistic action plan for transformation and erotic fulfillment

  • Creating more pleasure in sexual experiences
  • Expanding your capacity for pleasure
  • Replacing self-judgement with self-acceptance
  • Replacing guilt, regret and worry with intimacy and pleasure
  • Masturbation techniques for more pleasure and happier erections
  • Having a pleasure focused life
  • Getting the most from medication (if your doctor recommends and you choose to use it)

Module 4 – Practical help for dealing with common issues and situations

  • Dealing with performance anxiety
  • Safer sex and condoms without erection loss
  • How to use massage to help with ED
  • ED and anal sex as a top
  • ED and anal sex as a bottom
  • Managing porn so it doesn’t lead to softness
  • Dealing with fear of intimacy
  • Dealing with loss and aging
  • Partner communication
  • Communicating with your physician
  • How to know if psychotherapy is needed or would be helpful (and how to get the most from it.)

Also included

  • Exercises and activities ranging from self-discovery worksheets and journal prompts to masturbation practices (and other activities)
  • Opportunities for questions and answers to help ensure you understand the material and how to apply it to your specific situationi
  • Optional forum for discussion with other students

“The program  … opened up, or rather helped pry open a little wider, dimensions of my sexuality that I hadn’t had the opportunity or will to explore to the extent I would like.”
– Ron, Los Angeles CA

 Class summary

  • Start Date:  November 1, 2014 for 40 days
  • Format:  Daily lesssons and assignments that you access on your own schedule in a password protected online classroom.
  • Technical requirements: access to the internet and ability to type in your password to enter the online classroom
  • Optional: discussion forum for interaction with other students
  • Instructor:  Mark Reinert
  • Cost:  $55 until October 31



“Mark, I just feel so strongly about things that you’ve taught me… I have learned more from you than I have learned from any therapist or counselor in years. Having a gay man to work with made it all the more easier to relate, not having to explain every little thing.

If I were to say one thing to someone who was considering working with Mark I’d say don’t hesitate for a moment.  Don’t even think twice.  Just do it.”
– David, Southborough, Massachusetts

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