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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

The Necessity of Feminine Empowerment

by Roger Goodman

The world is covered in the Dark Masculine: war; treating women as the spoils of war; poverty, deceit, and greed; rape of the Earth, rape of women, and for ultimate masculine control and power, the rape of men; corporate control; civil, governmental, and corporate corruption; drones and collateral damage; the new police state; the NRA; the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the American Family Council; opposition to marriage equality; racism; classism; ageism; heterosexism; homophobia; misogyny; reparative therapy; Madison Avenue advertising; oppression; torture; Capitalism; and governmental deceit.

These name a number of aspects of the Dark Masculine that enshroud the Earth. It is absolutely necessary that we find the Divine Feminine (but not the Dark Feminine) sometimes called the mystic feminine, and that all forms of governance-corporate, civil, and ecclesial-become feminized. Imagine a woman Pope or women Roman Catholic priests saying Mass, or a woman President of the United States (which is definitely a possibility in 2016 and one I look forward to with great anticipation). It is vital that we usher in the Yin (feminine principal) or feminine empowerment, but we must distinguish between the Light Feminine and the Dark Feminine. To overturn the Dark Masculine (Yang) that enshrouds the Earth and that touches everything in our lives with its extraordinary amount of dark human male power into the Light Feminine will certainly turn all our conditioned minds (both male and female) on their ears. However, the Dark Feminine is as destructive as the Dark Masculine, so we must be very careful about what kind of Feminine we are talking about. Too much Yin is, indeed, dangerous because too much of either Yin or Yang is dangerous. Yang is not just dark by any means. Yang is also Light. However, right now, on this Earth, we are inundated with the dark side of Yang. Indeed, the Tao Te Ching is correct in its insistence on balance, as are the teachings of Jesus on this subject. The world needs to be about balance, both Yin and Yang in its insistence on balance. Right now, and for the past many centuries, we have been caught in “a man’s world,” a world of power-mongering, a world of power-over relationships rather than power-with relationships, oppressive relationships rather than liberating, mutual relationships. The only way to do this is to find balance. In fact, Jesus is very clear about the need for balance. The 22nd Saying in the Gospel of Thomas (one of the Gnostic Gospels and not in the canon) couldn’t be clearer.

  • When you make the two into one,
  • when you make the inner like the outer
  • and the outer like the inner,
  • and the upper like the lower,
  • when you make male and female into a single one,
  • so that the male will not be male
  • and the female will not be female…..
  • then you shall enter the kingdom.

(The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels, tr. Marvin W. Meyer, Vintage Books, New York, 1986)

This is a very Eastern spiritual teaching and could easily be right out of The Tao Te Ching. It is quintessential Taoism. When all is in balance, all will be well. That great book of ancient truth and wisdom, which was really meant to be a book on the making of governance and fighting a war, never says that we must shun the “mystic feminine” as so many conservative theologians and politicians insist upon out of fear. In fact, it says just the opposite. Jesus says the same thing. We must be in balance regarding gender archetypes.

Right now we are stuck only in a toxic Yang and must absolutely balance it with a healthy Yin. Yin can, indeed, be as toxic as Yang if it is allowed to run riot. Empowering the feminine, however, is absolutely necessary or the world is doomed, but, according to the conservative politicians, theologians, and pundits, it is a very slippery slope when we talk about not feminizing the world because it would upset everything that we know. To my understanding, that is exactly as it should be; it is exactly what needs to happen. Indeed, we must upset everything we know! Until we upset everything we know, and not make every attempt to bring in the Divine Feminine (or Light Feminine) we can be assured that civilization as we know it will be extinguished. We cannot live in the Dark Yang forever: on constant war, constant unemployment, constant vote tampering, the constant acquiring of more and more unimaginable wealth for the 1% which is coupled with equally dark constant poverty generated by that constant accumulation of wealth at the expense of the 99%, constant “isms”, cons tant male dominated society; we simply cannot continue to live in this constant Dark Masculine and not smash ourselves and our culture into smithereens.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough the absolute necessity of feminizing the world. We must powerfully encourage all males to find within themselves their feminine archetypes, as well as all females who are already inundated with dark male archetypes as they try to live in the seductive but utterly corrupt corporate world, to find their own Divine Feminine archetypes again. Some women have done this splendidly, such as Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Audre Lorde, and Benezir Bhutto, Mother Theresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Indira Ghandi (assassinated by Sikhs October, 1984) just to name a few of the countless thousands of women who have been empowered by the power of their Light feminine archetypes. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is a woman who thrives on the Dark Masculine. She is empowered by only that. Even her natural feminine archetypes are dark. She is filled with warlike hatred and the darkest of bigotries, the narrowest of minds and a rabid lust for power. Ms. Palin has not even slightly touched her Divine Feminine. She is Medea. The former women named earlier, however, are doing or have done incredible work in the world, because they are trying or tried to bring balance and equality into the Light. However, we cannot find that balance until we overthrow the Dark Masculine, or Dark Yang, with a powe rful, explosive Yin that is robed in Light. The women mentioned above, except for Sarah Palin, have done their work as women qua women, not women who have bought into the Dark Masculine in order to achieve their power either in the corporate world, the family unit, or the ecclesial world, but who have, indeed, done their work in their feminine archetypes-their feminine compassion, love, nurturance, compromise, consensus, loving-kindness, altruism, peace, non-violence, and a world wide feminine strength beyond anything we have seen for the last 6000 years. All these things and more make up the Divine Feminine or the Light side of the mystic feminine.

The mystic feminine is not in itself anything of which to be frightened. It is the dark side of that mystic feminine of which we must be afraid. Only the Dark Mystic Feminine is dangerous, although we can learn a great deal from her. When we look into our Shadows, à la Carl Jung, we can learn tremendous amounts about who we are and what we would like to change in ourselves for our own spiritual/political growth and, therefore, our relational growth. We can see how the Dark Feminine is dark at this time in history, exactly because it has bought into the Dark Masculine, e.g. women CEO’s who have clawed their way to the top in the same manner in which their male counterparts have done, that being through Dark Masculine traits such as standing on the shoulders of the men and women below her in the corporation in order to keep her own head above water while letting the people below her drown. Women are just as capable of that as men, but women are capable of so much more an d the feminine archetypes are so much more readily available to them than they are to heterosexual men because of the simple fact of their woman-ness. There are amazing women CEOs, CFOs, and Presidents of corporations who rose to their positions purely on their Divine Feminine, not utilizing any of the Dark Masculine of the average heterosexual male. That is not to say that all heterosexual men are in the Dark Masculine. No, indeed! Personally, I know some heterosexual men to whom I am very close who live in the balanced world of male and female energies and archetypes such that I cannot make a sweeping generalization regarding heterosexual males. They are not all caught in the Dark Masculine, but I do believe that they had to work extremely hard on themselves and their consciousness in order to find those feminine energies. After a great deal of inner journeying they have become heterosexually Queer. However, Queermen by their very inborn natures are much more open to their own feminine archetypes, although not always acknowledged, than are heterosexual men who have been socialized to shun those archetypes as “sissy-ness” or “girly-ness”. Gaymen who are whole and self-actualized in their Queerness embrace what is pejoratively known as exactly those things called “sissy-ness” and “girly-ness” but not in ways that are a caricature of women. LGBTQ people pose a tremendous threat to the Dark Masculine world of heterosexism for exactly this reason. We are much more in tune with Jesus’ words regarding making the male and female one, so that the male is not male and the female is not female, but instead we need to have a well-balanced female and male (Yin and Yang) collection of archetypes inside each of us, and that is far easier for LGBTQ people generally than it is for the majority of heterosexual people whose archetypes are far more rigid and less free flowing than their Queer counterparts. There was a time when we were called “the third sex” and by some Native American tribes the “two-spirit people”, because they contained in themselves both male and female archetypes and energies that could be either Light or Dark.

In order to quite literally save the world, our work, the work of humanity, must be able to find that balance of Yin and Yang, not shun the Yin because it is dangerous to the status quo. On the contrary, without the Yin all is lost and the world will be destroyed. The Mayan calendar said that Dec., 2012 will bring about a new world, not that the world will come to an end, but perhaps that a certain dark consciousness will come to an end. Perhaps now that we have passed that calendrical demarcation and see that the world, in fact, has not come to an end at this time, we can surmise that perhaps the Mayans, who worked in eras of 2000 years, decided that in Dec., 2012 a new era which they could not envision was going to begin so they stopped the calendar. I would hope that means a new consciousness of the Divine Feminine, after at least 6000 years of patriarchal domination, will come to fruition, and the Dark Masculine will cease to control the world. Wars will cease, peace will reign, twisted Capitalism, racism and heterosexism, classism and ageism, homophobia and misogyny will disappear and the Universal Divine Feminine, a Yin principal that is founded in non-violent conversation will rule the minds of the world, and as Julian of Norwich (a 14th century English mystic anchoress who thoroughly understood the Divine Feminine and wrote of Jesus as Mother) wrote in her great book Showings that “all will be well, and all will be well, and every manner of thing be well”, and so it can be if we are ever vigilant regarding how we use our archetypes and balance our Yin and Yang.


Roger Goodman, M. Mus., M. Div. attended Oberlin College during the tumultuous 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement and protests over the War in Vietnam. He was present at the watershed Stonewall Rebellion in NYC in June, 1969. He had an international career as a concert harpsichordist, teacher, and recording artist. He was on the faculty of The New School for Social Research in New York City, the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, and the School of Music at DePaul University as Director of the Baroque Program, a post he held for 23 years. In 2009, Roger left the world of music to become a filmmaker. He is Executive Director of his 501(c)(3) corporation Tribal Elder Productions, NFP which he formed in 2010 and is the screen writer, and director for his documentary film “From the Ashes Risen” for which he is currently seeking funding through grants and the private sector. His new book is entitled, Thoughts of a Tribal Elder: One Queerman’s Journey From the Ashes Risen. Roger has been HIV+ since the early 1980’s and was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1995 when he died during a lengthy coma, but, miraculously. he came back from death. He says the reason he came back was because he had important transformational work to do in the world for Queer people everywhere. His speaking and workshops on college and university campuses, his teaching/performing, his film, and his book are the fruits of that extraordinary journey with the Death Crone. A sex and drug addict in 12-Step Recovery, he has been clean from all drugs and sexual acting out for 8 years, since 2005. He is thoroughly grateful to his Higher Power that his life was given back to him so that he could do the work he has been given to do with enthusiasm, humility, and unending joy. Websites: and



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