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“Tom Luke has been a friend and colleague who has transformed my life with the double edged sword of information and support. Like a growing number of us, he is proud to be both gay and healthy! Now that he has demonstrated the ability to change his own health and to inspire others, he is taking his message global. I am proud to be a friend, colleague and contributor to this cause.

Patrick Davis, MA Holistic Health Educator, Consultant and Coach

Tom is a valuable business resource and a great advocate for our community. Not only is he an experienced and successful marketer that can help your business, he also cares about our community – helping us better ourselves as individuals and promoting the issues of equality and fairness that move our community forward and make it a better place to live. Tom is personally engaging and practises the life he advocates for others.

Scott Winkler, Accountant City of Omaha & Owner, Scott Winkler Designs, Creations in Kiln-formed Glass.

Tom Luke has been my best friend since we were 5 years old. We have been fortunate to remain in each other’s lives for the past 48 years…through the good times and sometimes, not so good. Tom is someone with drive, integrity and the type of person who genuinely cares about those close to him. He is always learning new ways improve his life and always willing to help or teach others what he has learned through his own experiences. He’s innovative, intelligent and has a great sense of humor. I’ve been blessed to know that through thick and thin, if I pick up the telephone, his voice will be on the other end. And while we don’t live near each other, we carry on our conversation as though no time has passed. Thank you for your insight, advice and humor. Tom is the true definition of a best friend!

Denton Herzberger, Office Manager, Capitol Hill Medical, Seattle WA

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