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LGBT Film About Gay Teens Called “Prince & Ekaj”

Cati and Mike Gonzalez are two independent filmmakers from NYC working on an up and coming LGBT film called “Prince & Ekaj”. The story was written and Directed by Cati Gonzalez and produced by both Cati & Mike Gonzalez in association with their partners at Tompkins Square Park films LLC.

It is an “insider type” of story about two LGBT latino teenagers. One who runs away from home because he is rejected by his family, and the other a self taught street hustler who wanders the streets of NYC at night looking for any way to make money in order to survive another day. Both of them being homeless meet by pure chance, and end up realizing that they depend on one another more than they thought. Especially in a city that is spread with everyday hate, crime, drugs, prostitution, and of course self perseverance.

In this days society, we see a lot of hatred, cruelty, and bullying towards these young LGBT kids who are attacked because of their gender. And we hardly hear or see what these kids have to go through on an every day basis of their lives just to be who they are and fit in, into what some of us would call “the normal life”. These kids and their stories are the true inspiration of why we decided to make this film, To show that these kids and their stories really do exist, and the percentage of homeless LGBT kids in the United States is alarming. We hope that by making this film, we can reach out to those who fail to understand about the rejection and discrimination these LGBT kids go through.

Cati and Mike are currently working on Prince & Ekaj as we speak. They have been raising money through their “Prince & Ekaj” fundraiser to complete the filming of it, and to cover all “pre” and post production costs incurred.

Anyone interested in making a kind donation to their film, can do so here:

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