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Published on July 18th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Last Night On Facebook…

by Tom Frye

After reading my Christian friend’s Posting of Obama supporting the GLBT community, I read the bottom line of what my friend had to say about this:

“This only makes it easier to hate Christians for their love for people who live in this particular sin and harder to care about the Muslims who murder them both.”

It pissed me off, so I responded:

Are you really going to go there? Was it you that wrote, “for those who live in this particular sin?” Do you know I take issue with the fact that the majority of the very troubled kids I have worked with all my life come from heterosexual families? Should I therefore proclaim that all these straight parents from dysfunction junction are living in a “particular sin”?

Because believe me, I have seen some straight parents with their head so far up their anal canal they don’t have a chance of correcting, saving, instructing their own kids. And then on the other hand, I have seen some very loving, decent gay couples who make wonderful parents, who raise wonderful kids.

So what the hell is this “particular sin” you speak of? And to add that Christians basically love those who live in this particular sin, is so coy, so moronic. The majority of Christian/Catholic folks I know, are still stuck in the obligatory mind-set that to condone gays and lesbians, is tantamount to the destruction of the family!

Geesh, as if their straight family is any better? Don’t white wash how you feel, because your first words out the gate, were offensive to me. I don’t know how to take Obama with Benghazi, the trade off of these terrorists, health care, etc, but I say he is ahead of his time in accepting millions who live in this particular sin!

My friend’s response to the above was as follows:

The heterosexual families who live at dysfunction junction in the City of Destruction need to repent of their willful ignorance and willful sin. The creation testifies so that they’re without excuse.

“Life-centered’ apparently doesn’t mean Christ-centered. They should repent & cast off the centering of their counterfeit “life”.

Heterosexual families aren’t better. Jesus affirmed the words in Genesis wherein God created male and female to become one.

I won’t whitewash what is true regardless of my feelings. You need to repent of your willful ignorance on this matter and stop approving of those who sin in this way. You need to listen to the voice of the One you call Shepherd in accordance with John 10:27. I love you, Tom. It would be wrong of me to be less clear than I am with you now.

My comeback to that was:

Thank you for your concern for me, don’t be too surprised when we get to Heaven and some of my gay/lesbian friends stop in to help tune the harps, iron some of the robes, and get ready for the jam session God has planned.

And please don’t you dare say, “What are they doing here?”

Or you may find yourself under just as much scrutiny as you’ve put them through “every” time you post a negative about how they have to repent, change, repair themselves, get right with God. If anyone is guilty of playing God, it is you, my Brother.

What gives you the right to tell me I must “repent” of approving of this particular type of person? Hell, I thought we were past this. Do you know what you sound like, with your rigid stance and your crusade to alienate millions of good, decent people? You sound like a religious fanatic.

If I am guilty of anything, it is following my conscience to be an “advocate” for those who don’t live up to your higher standards. You tell me I must repent of this approval? Sorry, my friend, I am just getting started.

Later last night, I debated with myself over whether I should address issues like this again. Many of my Pagan friends asked me why I wasted my time dealing with someone so ignorant. I responded that everyone needs to be set straight once in awhile, and then I said, “Imagine if something I say changes his opinion of the folks with a particular sin? He just might be a strong advocate, in their corner one day.”

I then received a message on Facebook from a 16-year-old girl who is pregnant, but just happens to be bi-sexual:

Hi Tom. Just wanted To message you and say thank you. Your status about heterosexual and gay parents really made me feel better.

Someone told me a couple days ago, “Since you like men and women, you are unfit to be a parent. The child you are bearing is a curse from hell as it will be raised in sin! God help your soul!”

And it’s really been getting to me. So again, thank you for writing that post. That status set my mind at ease.

Now, the first thing that came to mind after reading the words of this distressed young girl is that someone needed to put this loving Christian in her place for even saying such damaging words. This scripture came to mind:

Jesus said, “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.” Mark 9:42

Whoa! Did you hear what Jesus said? All you well-meaning Christ-lovers out there, best be paying attention to scriptures like that in the Bible instead of twisting those others ones out of context so that you are justified in judging, condemning, ostracizing, and alienating an entire population of gay and lesbian people.

You seem to think you have a monopoly on certain scriptures without even knowing the true meaning behind them, and then you bash gays and lesbians mercilessly. To what purpose? What is your goal? If God designed us in the womb with our very own blueprint, why do you insist that these people change? Be repaired? Repent of their particular sin?

Come on, aren’t you better than that? Come out of the backwoods and quit putting your own soul in jeopardy over something you really know nothing about. You quote those 6 Clobber scriptures as though God wrote them just for you to justify your actions. You, who are so swift to quote scripture, take some time and study on the Internet and find out what lies behind each of these scriptures that Christian folk have twisted out of context for the past 2000 years. Or beware, you may find a millstone placed around your own neck for causing any number of these children to stumble or fall.

Can you imagine the damage this vindictive, malicious Christian lady did to this one young girl? What gave her the right to tell her that, “The child you are bearing is a curse from hell as it will be raised in sin! God help your soul!”

No, lady, God help your soul, and the souls of anyone else out there who insists that people need to change because God does not accept those caught up in “this particular sin.”

In retrospect, I am now glad I did spout off last night in regards to my friend’s posting. I am glad my words empowered that troubled young pregnant girl, who certainly did not need to have those damaging words quoted to her.

If you don’t think words have power, think again. Words can inspire, build, enlighten, empower, educate, and bring light to dark places. On the other hand, words can also tear down, damage, hurt, ridicule, bring shame, and snuff out light so that darkness reigns.

Words. Be careful how you use them. And if you can’t use them for rightful purposes, don’t use them at all.

Keep your damned mouth shut.


Tom Frye has worked for the past 30 years as an advocate for troubled youth. He began his career when still in high school, serving as a street contact for a runaway shelter. It was during his time as a worker at a detention facility for delinquent youth, that he began writing stories for the residents. When kids began asking for sequels to his works, Tom knew he had discovered a way to communicate and connect with troubled kids.

Tom has served as a mediator for his own truancy program, and provided wake-up calls and escorts to schools for a wide mix of alternative students. As an English/Drama instructor, he once produced and directed a substance abuse program which had an impact on 15,000 at-risk kids.

He believes, though, that his greatest accomplishment can be summed up in the words of one troubled boy who wrote to him while confined in an institution: “Discovered your book today. It was like reading a letter you wrote directly to me. Thanks for giving me hope.”

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