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Published on June 11th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Here’s 5 Ways to Have A Smoking Hot Summer As A Gay Man!

by Rick Clemmons

It’s summertime. Memorial Day has gone into history, and before you know it, those of us Gay Dads with kids in school will be trying to figure out, “What the heck do we do with them to keep them busy all summer long?”

Well, the real question I have is what about you? What are you doing to keep yourself sane, happy, and healthy this summer?

Here’s 5 Ways To Have A Smoking Hot Summer As A Gay Man!

1. Stay cool from the inside and out. Often we forget that heat leads to stress which leads to arguments. It’s not that hard to keep a cool head about you provided you think before you speak, speak from a place of “here’s what I heard you say,” and try to find the common ground of a “win/win” scenario when faced with a situation that’s about to push your buttons.

2. Hydrate properly. I know, I probably sound like your mother, but if you don’t keep hydrated all sorts of things can happen. You can faint and get taken advantage of by a strange man. You can become dehydrated and have to be taken to the emergency room by hunky EMT’s. And, you can also hydrate with the wrong liquids and become a blubbering idiot spilling your life’s story to anyone who’ll listen, or you could pop your cork and become an angry raging lunatic. Keep your alcohol consumption in order and the H2O flowing. You and your body will both appreciate it.

3. Let summer loving, be summer loving, not winter regrets. There’s something about summer that just gets those testosterone juices flowing. Maybe it’s because we see more skin, or because of the heat we just want to get naked, and not necessarily alone. Regardless of whether you’re on the man of the moment or long-term relationship hunt, don’t let the heat waves of summer lead you into a relationship that looks good in the summer sunshine but pales in the shadows of winter.

If you start dating someone this summer, find out what they like to do come fall and winter. Summer activities are great, but if you end up with a bear who prefers to hibernate for the winter, he just might not be what you signed up for when his furry bear chest glistened with summer sweat in the heat of summer.

4. Take a vacation. Trust me, I just heard the collective cries of, “Check, already planned,” and “I would if I could afford one!” I hear ya already. Either you’re Johnny on the spot with a different swimsuit for each day of your Atlantis cruise, or your crying the blues because the budget won’t cover a vacation of any sort. Well no matter what you’ve got planned, I encourage you take the following vacations that don’t cost a thing.

Technology Vacation For A Daybreak free from all technology one day a month. No phones, no computers, GASP…NO FACEBOOK or TWITTER…and no APPS!

Be With Yourself Vacation For A Weekendtake one weekend out of summer to just be alone with yourself and nobody else. Do something that you’ve been wanting to do that maybe you think you haven’t had time for…up until now! And, it doesn’t have to be anything that costs money.

Drama Break Vacation – This one only applies if you have loads of drama in your life. If you don’t, then BRAVO for you and move on to the next vacation tip. However, if you do have loads of drama in your life, ask yourself, where it’s coming from and start to distance yourself from it as much as possible.

Stay Free Vacation – No matter where you live there are plenty of FREE things to do. Spend one weekend day researching everything in your area that is free and then plan a mini-Stay Free Vacation, right in your own back yard.

5. Be a “Do Bee.” If you’ve long since broken your New Year’s Resolutions, now’s a great time to revisit them. Let summer be your rejuvenation time to get back on track. However, so as not to overwhelm yourself here’s a great way to get your “Do BEE” hat on and be productive. Pick one goal to achieve by the end of summer in each of these four areas – Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial.

That’s it, 5 Ways To Have A Smoking Hot Summer! Of course Mother Nature and Global warming will take care of the temperature, but the rest of how hot you make your summer is up to you!


Rick’s a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who’s been featured on The Ricki Lake Show, Huffington Post, and is a highly sought after radio show guest, blogger, author, and Sex Coach U Faculty Member. He resides in Riverside, California with his partner of 12 years (whoa dude), two teenage daughters (whoa again dude), cats Herman and Lilly (sorry no dogs), and a 200+ bottle wine collection, minus what he drank while writing this article.

Hook-up with Rick at or by calling 949.637.1838.

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