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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Hello! You Can’t Screw A Guy Into A Relationship

by Rick Clemons

Listen up. Big Daddy is about to share some wisdom with ya. I know a few of you just got all excited when I said Big Daddy. Take a number. I’m taken and my husband is the only one who gets to call me Big Daddy. Well him and the occasional…wait that’s TMI.

Here’s the dose of reality I want you to hear. No matter how good you are with your legs flailing up in the air, the depths you can drive your pile driver, or the oral arguments you can make on his penis,


Trust me. Millions of straight women have tried and it doesn’t work for them either. Granted they could pull the pregnancy rabbit out of the hat, but that isn’t going to work for you now is it?

While sex may be the appetizer to many a relationship main entree, it’s rarely the tie that binds the relationship for long. Hell, I’m 51, a young, virile, spunky 51, and I can no longer diddle like a rabbit. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to, it simply means with time, even the sex drive shrivels too.

If you think because you wiggle, wiggle, wiggle your bum just right and give him mind blowing orgasms that he’ll be your betrothed (that means boyfriend, fiancé, guy), think again.

Men may be stereotypically assigned the role of sexual horndogs, but there’s many a gay stud muffin out there that isn’t having sex on purpose. Yes, they are choosing not to screw a guy into their life. At least, not as a starting point. So why do you think using sex to screw a guy into a relationship is really going to work for you?

For starters, do you really want a relationship built on sex? Ok, maybe you do if you have a better relationship with your Grindr or Scruff app then you do your last boyfriend. If this is you, then I have another article you should read. It’s entitled; Get a life before you get arthritis and can’t type “Was Up?” Sorry. I know Grindr and Scruff serve a purpose. They just aren’t the typical path to happily ever after!

I’m no prude, and no I’m not bitter because my sex life is, well, normal; but the truth is, at least from my perspective, screwing a guy into a relationship eventually leads to screwing yourself out of a relationship.

  • What if he gets bored with you lapping his balls like a dog?
  • How will you feel when he says, “I’d really like a more intimate, emotional relationship”?
  • Who will you run to when you come home to find the note that says, “Here’s your keys back. I’m got a new set to a guys house who wants to make babies with me”?

Are you getting the drift yet? Do you hear the bubbles popping out of your butt because it’s no longer bubbly enough for him?

If you are a guy who is even 5% serious about wanting a deeper, and I don’t mean up your ass relationship with another guy, you can’t make up 95% of the difference playing riding ’em Cowboy or mastering the Cowgirl position. It simply won’t lead to everlasting love.

However, that’s the real question to ask your self. Do I want deep intimacy, heartfelt love, and great sex, or do I just want mind-blowing sex that feels like heartfelt love, and deep intimacy in the moment that you cry “Oh Daddy“? Only you can answer that question.

Often times it’s the raw truth questions that lead us to our biggest Duh Moment Breakthroughs. Those questions also have the insatiable power to get us back to center, our soul center, in full alignment with our truest self. Sorry, I know that was kind of waxing airy-fairy philosophical. Get over it. That’s when you get your real answers, like them or not.

So you still think you want to screw a guy into a relationship? Here’s how you do it. Dial 1-800-RentBoy, set-up a time, screw his brains out, and repeat. By the second time around the block with him, you can say, “I’ve screwed my way into a relationship with a guy!


Ready to break the mold of let’s just screw and see where that gets us? Take a chance, invest in getting to know yourself at a deeper level, and create a life strategy for dating, mating, and making work Man2Man. Schedule your strategy session today for free!



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