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Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Glass Was Half Full Today

by Ron Blake

I had a pretty good day today! There are so many things that can go wrong and none of them happened to me on this great winter day!

I did not smoke a cigarette today. I still feel the urge to fire up. Nicotine left a lasting impression on me after my Joe Camel college days. I once again successfully bypassed the truculent craving and the dozens of fuming addicts outside of every building I exited.

I did not drink and drive and kill myself or any other person on this day. I maintained great poise and drove my 2011 Nissan Xterra between the lines and properly negotiated rush hour traffic sans alcohol.

I did not take any performance enhancing drugs to improve my teaching and training skills. My students and clients can rest assured that my overactive mouth and my wild gesticulations are all natural.

I did not succumb to anger and fire bullets into asinine motorists. I do not own a gun so that would have been a tall order anyway. However, I displayed excellent equanimity and focused my attention on Rush Limbaugh’s daily diatribe instead.

I did not go without my three squares and some tasty snacks today. I love a yummy meal, but I really love three yummy meals even more! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were right on time and prepared to my liking. They should have been…I prepared them.

No one that I knew died today. I do not yet regularly scan the obituaries, but no one left any messages informing me of Joe Black’s arrival to the doors of any of my acquaintances or relatives. My guess therefore is that it was a good day for all that know me.

I did not have any major aches or pains when I went on my daily run today. My breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure were all normal. A fly into my mouth and a few bugs into my eyes were the only blemishes on my six mile journey across the desert landscape this afternoon.

I did not feel the urge to pop a dozen pain killers to get me through the day. I am sure it would have been fairly groovy to watch reruns on the idiot box while flying on Air Vicodin. I’ll keep those drugs in hibernation until my high school buddies fly in from Indiana and raid my medicine cabinet.

Today was really just an ordinary day until I looked at it through Pollyanna’s glasses. The glass can be half full or it can be half empty.

I soon realized there is a whole other world out there after peering through those rose colored spectacles. I watched the sunset on this awesome day and I realized that somewhere someone was enjoying the magnificence of a glorious sunrise!


This wellness is brought to you by that guy with dreams of being mayor of the happiest place on earth. That guy of Disneyland delight is Ron Blake and he can be found in his magical castle at



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