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Published on December 31st, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles


Get The Authentic Life You Deserve in 2015!

All gay men deserve to be loved. We are worthy of great lives, and we deserve healthy, sexual, and loving relationships. When we face our fears head on and choose to start living our lives authentically for who we really are, we become free to realize our life’s dreams and to find happiness and fulfillment. You can feel complete when you’re courageous enough to get real, from the inside out, about who you are in your own skin, without regrets.

Today, more laws have passed, and acceptance of gay rights is growing, yet we still face awkward gay moments. You can choose to respond with honesty, integrity, and humility to gay thoughts and feelings; these are not a choice. It is a choice to move away from the dark feelings of fear, self-loathing, and dishonesty into the light of understanding, honesty, self-acceptance, and respect. We have absolutely no choice about whether we are gay, but we can make choice of living our lives in an authentic way that’s faithful to our hearts. That’s a choice I want to make every day.

Most gay men struggle for years with guilt, shame, and the need for acceptance from others before coming to the simple conclusion that being gay is our honest reality. This is an understanding we arrive at through years of self-examination, pain, and soul searching. Our fear, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem condition us to hide from being who we truly are. This hiding often leaves us confused, frustrated, and angry. Some of us choose to hide who we are to protect our family or to forget childhood bullying and abuse.

We also become our own worst enemies by habitually and blindly following others without consciously thinking about who we are in our own skin and where we may be going. The danger isn’t necessarily about hurting others; it’s about harming to ourselves and failing to reach our life’s potential.

When we pretend to be something that we’re not, our entire life becomes a lie. This deceit affects every aspect of our existence: friendships, finances, spirituality, intimacy, family relations, and personal growth. Nothing is immune when we’re unable to come to terms with who we are.

But wherever you may be in your coming out process, know that you are not alone. Generations of others have gone before you and have experienced the pain of the struggle, but many of those men have also moved on to experience the joy of happiness and a better life.

The mission of Healthy Gay Lifestyles in this eBook is to provide gay men with solutions in the areas of sexual health, relationships, mental health, fitness, nutrition, spirituality, HIV/AIDS, and addictions. If you’re living in a healthy way, you will generate the confidence to move into living authentically, thus increasing your chances to realize your true potential.

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