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Published on May 27th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Fit to Lead: Tips on Stress Optimization

by David Guinther

As I work with executives and entrepreneurs, I note how an individual’s ability to convert to be expected stress into much needed fuel varies greatly. Too often, avoidable and unhelpful stress wears upon a leader who needs to be at his or her best.

Today’s post focuses on stress “optimization” by offering simple suggestions for you to simply mull over:

Give up all hope for a better past. Regrets and grudges are a waste of your here and now. As is worrying about an uncertain future. It is how you take advantage of and use this moment that will determine your future. Act accordingly.

Apparently not everyone is in your hurry. Yes, I’m talking to you. Traffic is traffic, and it is not our job to teach the world how to drive. And that is just one example. The more we react to things that we cannot affect, the more stress we needlessly inject into our daily life.

Avoid the absurd and unnecessary.  Arguing over politics has as much chance of leading to a change in either party’s perspective as arguing over religious beliefs. So what’s the point? There is far too much self-induced and misdirected anger in America today. You have better things to do. Start by turning off cable news.

Meditate, don’t medicate. If the term “meditation” seems too New Age to you despite it being an ancient practice, then let’s simply refer to it as gathering your thoughts. A few moments each day unplugged and off the grid will not only lower your stress level but will boost your available energy.

But definitely naturally medicate. Tap into the powerful benefits of exercise, and enjoy life riding a wave of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and adrenaline: all so good that it is hard to believe they are both free and legal. The fitter you get, the less you will crave other stimulants that actually tax your body and increase your stress levels.

Focus on your priorities. Understand what truly matters to you, and make certain that you are investing your time and energy accordingly. Recognize the difference between being busy and being successful. Set and act upon priorities that make sense for you. Otherwise, others will set your priorities for you. Are you using your time and energy to pursue what you value most? If the first thing you do upon arriving at work is to check and clear your e-mail inbox, what does that suggest?

Life is far simpler than we allow it to be. “No drama” is my mantra in life and at work, but don’t get me wrong: I am a work in progress, and that’s on a good day. That aside, before you get upset about something, ask yourself if you will even remember the issue in two weeks’ time. If not, just let it go.

In general, lighten up, focus on the here and now, pursue what matters most to you, and don’t forget to have a great time along the way. This is what us leaders do.

Just saying. And that’s it.

Yes, it is a bit of a good-natured pep talk, but if you feel a bit more relaxed, entertained, focused and energized after reading it, we have done some good here.


David Guinther is a proven Silion Valley senior executive and entrepreneur with considerable experience in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. David is also a committed social entrepreneur who is actively developing a number of ventures promoting integrative, lifestyle-based approaches to reclaiming and rebuilding health and quality of life. These ventures include Mr. Happy a unique blend of natural botanicals designed to specifically address many of the normal health concerns we men face as we grow older. Threadian, an executive coaching and strategic consulting practice; and others. Contact David Guinther at

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