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Published on April 25th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Confessions of an All-American Guy

by Ron Blake

There are times in life when we all struggle between naughty and nice. It seems a good time to confess my health and fitness sins. You be the priest and just listen. I’ll be the All-American sinner and I’ll just unload my over-fifty-pound piece of guilty luggage upon you.

On Super Bowl Sunday I had more than two but less than nine alcoholic drinks. It was much closer to the number nine than it was to the number two. OK Padre it was nine and they were all Bud Lights and they went down so very smoothly just like the commercials said they would.

On Monday I had several heaping handfuls of M & M’s after lunch and then again after dinner. I usually keep plenty of these chocolate goodies on hand just in case friends drop by and want a happy handful or two for themselves. I also like to be prepared for my own sweet tooth cravings. This day I made them all disappear!

A few weeks ago I had six slices of that Supreme pan pizza from Pizza Hut. I believe that included ham, olives, extra cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, Canadian bacon, green peppers, and plenty of grease I smudged all over my pants. I would have eaten the other two slices but I had to share the pizza with my partner.

Last Wednesday I smoked a cigar to celebrate Wednesday with some of my poker friends. Hump Day and Texas hold ’em just had a way of getting me to befriend four Guinness beers and some chips and dip in addition to that faux Cuban cigar that my friend Vinny brought over.

Two weeks ago on a weeknight I stayed up until three in the morning waxing nostalgic with my brother and two of his friends that flew in from Indiana. There were some adult beverages being created and destroyed as the night was whittled away with anecdotes from raucous raconteurs.

One day last December I came home from my six mile run and scoffed at the idea of eating a banana, a box of raisins, or slices of honeydew melon. I instead reached for some delicious and salty potato chips. The brand name and the amount consumed didn’t matter to me. I enjoyed the bliss of the moment with that little devil on my left shoulder that had a smile on his face the whole time.

Then there was the day not so long ago that I had a terrible argument with my best friend. I cursed and yelled and threw a chair about something that seemed so very important at the time. I held a grudge for three days until I realized the error of my ways and apologized to my friend and the group of pals that had to witness this tempestuous tirade.

We all make mistakes in life and this includes how we deal with our health and fitness. I work hard not to let all of these blemishes make their way onto my permanent record too often or all at the same time. When they happen just dust yourself off and get back on that horse. The great author Robert Louis Stevenson said “Saints are sinners who kept on going.”


This wellness work in progress is brought to you by that guy who has walked the plank and lived to tell. That swashbuckler is Ron Blake and you can say ahoy to him in Phoenix, Arizona.

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