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Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Healthy Gay Lifestyles

Anti-Pro or Pro-Anti? I Don’t Get It…Let’s Eat!

by David Smith

A lot of our common ailments, diseases and issues that we face on a physical and mental level most often and easily are attributed to just a few basic things, what we eat and what we do, also known as diet and exercise. Now we could sit here for days reading about all sorts of different ways this all works but instead we’ll focus on one thing at a time.

Often times you will hear doctors, drug companies and your mother tell you it is important to take two Advil a day, for the rest of your life. They will tell you that it helps reduce your risk of heart attack, which in some aspects is true, yet why should you need to reduce your risk of heart attack when there is no need for the risk to exist in the first place?

Advil is an anti-inflammatory pill; inflammation is the swelling and expanding of tissues within the body and happens for many different reasons. When you get a mosquito bite, you form a bump and the skin turns red, inflammation. You injure your knee and it swells up, Inflammation. Headache? Inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s response and way to help you repair and recover from a variety of different reasons including injury and disease. However like everything else, to much inflammation can also be bad for you, often attributed to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, chronic migraines/headaches, acne to name a few.

Again this all stems back to diet. The typical American diet consists of a lot of foods that are pro-inflammatory; they promote and directly contribute to inflammation with in the body. This leads to chronic inflammation that again, increases your risk. Instead of taking 2 Advil a day for the rest of your life, take a good look at your diet and find a balance, decreasing the consumption of pro-inflammatory foods while increasing the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods. Check it out…

Pro-inflammatory Foods

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Vegetable Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Sunflower Oil

Saturated Fats/Trans Fats

Refined Grains


Dairy Products

High Sodium foods

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish Oil

Olive Oil

Peanut Oil

Whole Grains

Dark Chocolate

Dark, leafy vegetables

Nuts (unsalted)







Remember to find a balance and focus on increasing intake of the anti-inflammatory foods. Not all the pro-inflammatory foods are bad but it is important to find balance and moderation on all levels within your diet. This will help reduce, if not eliminate many risk factors as well as help deal with some of the many common chronic health conditions.

Check it out!,,20705881,00.html


David Smith is an exercise professional and specializes in exercise, nutrition and wellness programs for the GLBT community. He is the owner of Stonewall Fitness and is working to bring the LGBT community together through physical activity.

His passion lies in promoting the physical, mental and social benefits of exercise and healthy diet and to unite the LGBT community by breaking down the stigmas and barriers often associated with exercise and fitness to make it accessible for everybody. He currently leads several fitness programs, one on one personal training and athletic conditioning programs. He is a regular contributor to MileHighGayGuy and HealthyGayLifestyles with articles in regards to physical activity, health and wellness.

In his personal endeavors, He is also an active athlete having competed in swimming, taekwondo, triathlon and running events. Highlights of his athletic career include winning six medals and setting a meet record at the 2010 Gay Games in swimming. Competing on the national collegiate level in taekwondo and swimming, training to compete in his first full Ironman, having completed several half Ironmans and finishing severak marathona. David currently swims and coaches with the Denver Squid Swim Team and is training for the 2014 Gay Games and to swim the Greek Isle’s as well as run the original marathon course from Marathon to Athens, Greece. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in exercise science from Metropolitan State University of Denver and holds several fitness certifications including ACSM Personal Trainer and Group Fitness.

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