Tom Luke is a Business Owner, Dad, Grandpa, and Marketing Consultant…

Brother, Gay Man, Horse Expert, Philanthropist, and Friend.

For many years Tom was a chameleon, playing different roles for different people.  In creating his playbook as he lived his life, Tom realized that it took time, fine-tuning, and personal growth for Tom to be okay with Tom. This is one of the reasons why he founded Healthy Gay Lifestyles. Tom not only recognizes what gay men deal with on a daily basis, but also believes it is his true calling to supply the necessary educational tools gay men need to live the life they have dreamed, the life they deserve.

Today Tom is the dedicated founder and CEO of HealthyGayLifestyles.com, the  informative and enlightening online magazine/website that helps gay men discover and embrace authentic, happy lives. Building on a successful multi-media marketing career—including experience in internet marketing, sales, and account management—Tom delivers valuable, timely material to an eager audience whose time has come.

Presently, Tom lives a well-rounded life in Omaha, NE, enjoying time with his daughter and two grandchildren as often as possible. His additional interests include trail-running, yoga, horse-barrel racing, and ongoing personal growth.

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